I’d like a gorilla with my chocolate

Gorilla looking pensiveYou would have to be a dedicated tv refusenik not to have seen the new Cadbury’s ad. But just in case you’ve been on Mars or otherwise outside the plannersphere I have provided a handy link below-


It features a gorilla drumming to Phil Collins’ “I can feel it coming in the air tonight”.

And why would a drumming gorilla be the perfect expression for Cadbury’s? Well as Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) said on 30 Rock “I’ve got two ears and a heart, don’t I?”. The emotional nature and the slightly cheesy rep of the music combined with the sheer strangeness of the gorilla’s serious enthusiasm communicate exquisitely the essence of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, “a glass and a half of pure joy”.

What is so brilliant about this ad is that it takes the essential brand DNA of Cadbury’s, pushes it through the prism of creativity and comes up with something surprising yet completely on the nail. And because the idea stays true to the brand, it works.

That’s what we did with Where Are The Joneses? You wouldn’t expect to see an online comedy about sperm-donor siblings associated with Ford, but that’s exactly what Where Are The Joneses? is. More than that it has opened a conversation between Ford and the public, because the website users actually wrote the comedy for us, and we responded. Oh enough trumpet blowing already, I know, I know, it’s not allowed.

It will be interesting to see the shape of the evolution of the Cadbury’s ads, to see how they are going to pursue a conversation with us.


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