Her return was crap. We’ve all seen it on YouTube and it’s such a lack lustre performance that I would say she is either drugged or depressed and probably both.

And it should come as no surprise to anyone – the brand of Britney has never been more than surface – it’s never been about her personality it’s just been about her as a blonde bland that the trend of the moment can be projected onto. Unfortunatley her brand managers seem to have lost their way and they appear to be flogging a dead horse. There is no question of Britney taking this depression and “come back” as an opportunity to do something new because none of this is coming from her head nor really from the head of the people managing her. They only know how to do something (someone) one way and they are not interested in her being herself because they can’t control and monetise that, or so they believe. Because they are not interested in her being herself there is no chance that she will reinvent herself and no chance that they will reinvent the Britney we know and love either qed in that terrible performance and frankly mediocre song she performed at the MTV awards.

In this she is the antithesis of Madonna who absolutely understands that you can’t stand still in self-expression and who always keeps in touch with the edgy street style that eventually translates into the mainstream of media and marketing. 

It’s sad that she is being exploited not only so ruthlessly (the girl needs a shrink or a good telling off) but in such an amateurish fashion. Both the person and the brand are dying up there on stage for all to see.


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