Cool Brands?

brands.jpgThe latest Cool Brands survey has been published, and here are the top 20/87  cool brands in the UK.
1. Aston Martin
2. iPod
3. YouTube
4. Bang and Olufsen
5. Google
6. Playstation
7. Apple
8. Agent Provocateur
9. Nintendo
10. Virgin Atlantic
11. Ferrari
12. Ducati
13. eBay
14. Rolex
15. Tate Modern
16. Prada
17. Lamborghini
18. Green & Blacks
19. iTunes
20. Amazon

Want to know the definition of a “cool brand”?

“CoolBrands are brands  that have become extremely desirable among many leaders and influencers. They have a magic about them signifying that users have an exceptional sense of taste and style.” Apparently only 5% of those even considered qualify,  however you have to be slightly suspicious when the only media owner represented is The Times (hmmm, well known bastion of cool?) and astonishingly one of the members of the Council of Cool works for them , ditto O2 – for my money Virgin is far cooler on the logo alone. I could go on in this cynical vein but I won’t.

I used to work at Channel 4. We considered ourselves to be the coolest body on the planet. Even at the time I knew it wasn’t true, if I believed it I’d still be there, no? But I also knew that there is a certain atmosphere that meant that it was kind of true. And that atmosphere gave us a chutzpah which meant we were prepared to take risks and be creative within our brief. It made us proud to work there and it made it fun and it ensured that (by and large) we all believed in what Channel 4 was about and why we were there.

It’s the same at Imagination but I won’t go on about that because…. enough already. 

It’s more important that you enjoy your own working environment and believe that what you deliver is cool than it is that  a group of PR agents and self-appointed pundits say that you are cool. Whether you work for a small careers publisher or Agent Provocateur. So I am not going to write my own list of cool, which would be the natural progression of this piece. After all, what do I know any more than these guys?

And remember, unless you are Timothy Leary or Bishop Desmond Tutu, there is always someone cooler than you.


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