Planning for Good

I am still not sure if I am a planner, but I did attend the Planning for Good London Massive meet up in The Breakfast Club this morning in Soho. We were looking at a brief presented by UNICEF to all the Planning for Good groups, focused around a campaign later this year. It was really nice to contribute to something, (in however small a way!), that is related to my work and really doing some good. It was also interesting to hear other people’s ideas (Mark Earls, John Grant, Ashley Brown and Lee Henshaw) bounce suggestions around, see where my independent ideas matched and where they diverged and get some fresh thinking.

I believe creative is rarely found embodied in one person, more often than not we function better when we are stimulated by the ideas or questions of others. Could we have had Oasis without the Beatles? The Beatles without skiffle? Skiffle without drinking songs and spirituals?

Creative family trees are of the reasons I have a problem with some of the IP restrictions that are placed on creative ownership and why I feel Creative Commons is such an important development in rights and creative development The development of creative ways to communicate with an audience is no different.

Who knows if UNICEF will like it – although we all did!

If you are interested then check it out here…and join up.


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