Sony drops DRM

Hoorah! Sony, the last of the big 4 music companies to maintain their DRM (digital rights management) of music, have dropped it. Though theoretically DRM guards against musical piracy by preventing distribution in practice people were too cunning to be bothered by it – either breaking the DRM with downloaded tools from the web or just not bothering to buy Sony product.  Now though we will all be able to circulate our music freely.

Now far be it from me to criticise the great golden calf of modern design and tech, but shouldn’t Apple look at doing something similar? After all, iTunes is a completely proprietory system and it’s rather restrictive.

It’s why I went for a creative Zen – that and the radio. Just a thought.


One thought on “Sony drops DRM”

  1. Hello, thanks for commenting on my blog, I’m just discovering yours – thus the comment on an earlier post 🙂

    I think Steve Jobs did call for the record companies to drop DRM last year, right? I agree that iTunes (the store) is very proprietary, but if you use something like CDBaby’s downloads or eMusic you can still get DRM-free music and load it onto an iPod via iTunes (the software) – my preferred option where possible.

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