Does it matter?*

So everyone is talking about matter box and I have now had the chance to look inside one in the flesh (and not just through Andy Piper’s blog as I had done until today!) Zeroinfluencer received one and I have first dibs on eating his cereal and PlayDoh, (or is that just cereal…)

Anyway, having poked around inside I can say that it’s cool and fun,  and some of these things are semi-useful (see cereal/ play doh)  but then it’s always cool and fun to receive surprises that are well-packaged and creative friendly which the things in this box mostly are. Just a couple of thoughts then…
Most of the objects in the box are on the creative side of marketing and most therefore have a link back the web which I ideally would be monitored carefully in order to determine the value of the exercise to the client – but there are a couple that have no website attached or have a campaign website attached rather than something bespoke. Sure it will be possible to measure response my matching up date of delivery with traffic on the sites/tools but if I was a client I wouldn’t be as happy with that.

How could this come into its own for brand owners?  This kind of contact would be perfect for experiential marketing projects, anything that is trying to reach a target market “in the know”, because a box of delights like this is the kind of place where you might suspend your every day and possibly engage with for instance ARG-type activities – your mind is already open to the creative and so you engage more carefully. That’s why the soap/crayon box from Nissan is appropriate in this box where it might be ignored in another context. My instinct is that recipients will properly engage with the content of these boxes and almost expect richness – I think that’s why I was disappointed with the Original Source sample. Must try harder.

So these boxes could be a creative person’s dream both from agency side and public side and that makes a client-side dream come true. But it does depend on that creativity. I’m interested to see the next one.

* oh come on that title was a gift!


2 thoughts on “Does it matter?*”

  1. Absolutely. This is superb for ARG / mixed reality scenarios. I did start following the web links where possible. It would be fascinating to know what kinds of spikes in traffic the brands did see following the delivery, but I guess that’s not the kind of information that would ever be shared with Joe Public.

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