Unsung hero

Maybe it’s the matter box, maybe it’s a couple of projects we have on the go at work, (probably both) but I think it’s time to big up Nokia game. In the late 90s and early 00s Nokia ran a series of what can realistically be described as ARGs to market new models. Starting before what is probably known as the first ARG The Beast they variously employed television/radio/flat plane ad space as narrative drivers, online gaming, community competitive gaming, mobile content and contact, share dealing environments and teams working together to solve storylines and puzzles for the ultimate prize….no not a new Nokia, a great time!

The last “game” was in 2004 and to be honest it wasn’t great because it was a broadband project ahead of it’s time and I couldn’t even play it on our work network the content was so video heavy. But it did have all the classic

What was so brilliant about it was that the product was so embedded in the experience that it didn’t feel like a marketing exercise where things like The Art of the Heist which Audi did in 2005 for the A3 just felt like it was designed to sell, sell, sell.

This is the kind of content that Nokia are producing now – http://www.the-passenger.com/ – which is fun but…

We need to deliver more genuinely 360 projects as consumers move increasingly off broadcast media and into interactive environments. The medium is the message and in a multi-media environment we need multi-media messaging that actually reflects the type of experience users desire in those media, not simply messaging that tries to continue a broadcast identity in a conversational environment.

I’m not saying anything you don’t already know but you might not know of Nokia Game. You can’t play them any more (boo) but you can find out what made them so great. I advise you to do so.



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