What’s this web 3.0?

Well? Have you got an answer? No neither have I really. Essentially the discussion about it is being driven by the excitement we are still feeling from the tail off of web 2.0 properties and the dream of a new development that will enable us all to come up with new properties that we could a) develop ahead of the crowd and sell off to investors or b) pick up ahead of the crowd and use to deliver great new solutions to our clients. But where we actually are is in the difficult bit between 2.0 and whatever comes after it.

The easy days of “Let’s create a Facebook application” have gone – the whizzy technology has stopped being enough, we have to actually consider how these apps will be used and why – basically what is the content? Of course we should have been doing this all along….

So what’s this web 3.0? Well it is possible to move towards visions of what it could b.

It could be contextual links and understandings eg Google understands your search terms instead of just repeating back to you the pages that have the most instances of your word or phrase it will distinguish (give example) But one model for deliver that might involve a massive “annotation” of the web using metadata – you can already see this on Yahoo’s food site (http://food.yahoo.com/). What would be better would be smarter web agents, technology that understands existing pages and build.

It could involve the ability to find data based on media, it could be “web everywhere” appliances, objects, environments networked to enable faster, more effective web apps and experiences.

Fine but none of this changes my original point – however “whizzy” and marvellous it is we still have to approach it from the point of view of how it will be used and why. The web is full of content cul de sacs, brilliant tools that don’t deliver anything useful,  lacunas of relevance where there is simply nothing interesting, no reason to spend your time. Whatever web 3.0 does look like in the end it is the content and the application as always that will be the really interesting thing.


One thought on “What’s this web 3.0?”

  1. the web 3.0 will basically be the same web. its just the way the web works within itself. often called the semantic web. picture this. you want some information, you type in a keyword. and google retrives all that it can in that criteria. and this is based on that principal. but heres where it differs.how the computer talks to it self. bob went on a summer fishing trip. and caught tuna . it was a good vaction. now that being said with web 3.0 you type in summer vaction and get all about bobs trip. the other web type that in and you get 200,00 summers etc. etc. so how the computer will talk to itself. is all that it is. the semantic web 3.0

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