Creatives for Good

I was supposed to go to a Planning for Good pro-celeb event last Thursday which I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately a pitch development got in the way – it’s an exciting pitch so that;s kind of ok – but it would have been good to be part of it.

What I liked about this event – in addidtion to the fact that some interesting people would be involved eg Ian Tait, Amelia Torode, Mark Earls, Vicky Moffat, and of course that we would have been “doing some good” – was that there was an enthusiasm for ensuring that digital planning and was represented. What is truly important is that we think properly about 360 planning, not viewing digital as banners, central page ads and matching luggage. Digital platforms have to be considered more carefully than that to deliver content that can really benefit users as much as it benefits clients to get the message out on them.

Also we appear to have hte makings of Creatives for Good – someone to make real the ideas that are being devised in the Planning for Good sessions. Kind of important and I’m sure it will be greeted with enthusiasm!


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