Ikea unpacks in NY

ikea-popup-downtown-06-2008.jpgWhen I was on holiday in Belize recently (oh my glamorous life) there were a lot of Americans there all very excited about the prospect of finally getting Ikea.

The launch campaign for the New York City store has started and it’s inspired. The campaign is two-fold. Firstly, pop-up boxes containing room settings are being installed in public spaces across the city. Inside the boxes the lucky New Yorkers will be able to experience Ikea product before the launch on June 18th. Secondly, models of NY landmarks some more than 96 feet long and 21 feet tall and made out of Ikea boxes have been created by artist John Hobbs which will also be installed across the city.

It communicates the self-construct nature of the product but allows the punter to experience the quality and design joy.
It embeds Ikea as something as integral to the city as the Brooklyn Bridge.

For more detail check out http://racked.com/archives/2008/06/04/red_hook_ikea_mania_popup_room.php


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