I am off to b.tween next week which I am looking forward to as a chance to refresh my brain and perhaps catch up with some old friends and newer acquaintances.

The sessions I am most looking forward to on Thursday are Creativity meets Commerce and possibly Building successful communities – although I have lots of experience on this kind of thing, from my Channel 4 days, it’s always good to hear from people who only work on that and nothing else. They will have the micro levels of experience that make the difference between good and great. On Friday it has to be Censorship, Culture and Chinese Netizens and maybe also A Day in the Life of…an over 60. I think this is a demographic which is largely ignored but which has far more time and disposable income than teenagers and which is larger than that teenage group. They are also educated, but not cynical like us Gen X and Yers are so they are enthusiastic and willing to engage. I believe that services for this age group will become more in demand in the next 20 years and represent a real commercial opportunity…if people can get their heads out of the sand and realise how interesting and “like us” people of this age group are, something which is decidedly counter-culture at the moment.


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