I have a long tail

I quite like it when I become an example of something that every has been banging on about – it gives me faith that opinion can be justified (particularly when there is so much irrelevant spouting off going on – and yes I do include myself in that!). I like evidence and particularly I like to find evidence for theories when I am not looking for it.

I was lying on my bed, student-style, on Friday evening listening to Teenage Fanclub, Songs from Northern Britain and feeling very 1997 when I had a sudden desire to hear Star Sign (very 1992). So I got up and went to emusic.com and low, when I searched there it was.

emusic.com builds its business model on two things

1) MP3s, not proprietary formats a la itunes and
2) long-tail content

Both of these things make it brilliant and I also find it brilliant that I have just demonstrated to myself the power of long-tail as a business offer.

Right – off to download some Throwing Muses.


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