btween 08

I am here are 08 listening with half an ear to John Newbigin who is taking us through the ways that technologies have taken much longer to impact on society than thought and how technologies do develop, not in the ways that you think eg

“This is an invention with no commercial future” Louis Lumiere, founder of cinefilm

The most interesting session of yesterday was Cory Doctorow of boingboing fame. He’s also an author and  60-70000 copies of a couple of his books have been sold, his first made the NY times bestseller but crucially and key was made distributable via the internet. The end result is that 1,000,000 copies have been distributed online.

He cites a different model for monetisation of content – his point of view is that distributed content is not the same as paid for content and that distributing it online is like making the book available for people to take down and browse from the bookshelf. He’s more concerned to see that people who would buy his books actually do buy them. It’s an interesting model for publishers to consider.

This Newbigin session is interesting so I will stop posting for now – but leave you with a quote from it:-

“The first law of creativity is theft”


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