Conference-tastic 2gether08

I have just finished a pleasant day a 2gether08. It was a primarily socially focused conference on the difference that digital media can make and if offered opportunities for both getting brain downloads from people who work primarily in the social space such as the Channel 4 education types like Adam Gee and Matt Locke, but also those who crossover like Russell Davies and Mark Earls. More importantly it was the chance for social entrepreneurs to meet other social entrepreneurs and digital types to get some input on ideas with the emphasis on positive action and possible matching with funding or partnerships.

As usual I will try and distill some of the interesting stuff which caught my attention and basically point you on to the horses’s mouth as it were.

Let’s talk to coca-cola about saving the world’s children – an idea 20 years in the gestation with little movement outside Berry’s head, but once it got onto Facebook took just 6 weeks to be talking to senior people in Coke about how this campaign could use the ground-level distribution channels that Coke employs to get it’s product throughout Africa, to distribute rehydration salts. 1 child in 5 in developing countries will die before the age of 5 each year because they get diaorrhea and become dehydrated. Yet you can get a coke literally anywhere in the world…

Since the Facebook group launched everything has kicked off – social media driving good. Join the Facebook group.

Ben Page – Ipsos-Mori – When the Danes (the happiest people in Europe apparently) applied their 5 a day campaign to get people eating more fruit and veg instead of saying “eat 5 a day” they said “eat 6 a day” – when you show people numbers and ask them to estimate quantity the higher the number the higher the quantity for the same thing. I am hoping he will put up his slides on SlideShare.

Tim Wright – Hooray hooray for Tim Wright! He is enthusiastic, not pretentious and always interesting. He was talking about how radio may develop. Not (as is currently the vogue) via teaming images with audio but more concentrating on new audio possibilities such as narrowcasting from his own bluetooth (although I couldn’t actually locate his mobile during the talk so that didn’t inspire confidence), location-based content that can be experienced out of, or in, context and receiving audio on new devices. Since I bought my mp3 player specifically because it had a radio in it (so no I am not part of the ipod/itunes mafia) I found this talk very interesting. Here are just a few of the links I picked up from it:- – a bit like Nike plus but a lot cheaper and plugged into your phone. YOu have to pay for it though… – All kinds of random podcasts including one in which the author discusses the life and times of John Stewart Mill with Jonathan Derbyshire and another where they experience a strange world in 2nd life that might somehow replicate the experience of paranoid schizophrenia.


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