Back to school

Taking a brief break from I was musing on the time of year, everyone rushing back to school or University and my thoughts turned to learning. I’m lucky enough to be actively encouraged to engage in CPD through my company’s involvement in the IPA so attending conferences is a pleasure I don’t need to feel guilty about. There are a couple of interesting ones coming up.

Next week is i-design in London a comprehensive one-dayer on the full gamut of interactive design and you can get a portfolio briefing from some of Imagination’s lead designers, including Tony Phillips, who worked as a Lead Creative at Deep End back in the day, and one of our resourcing gurus.

Then in October up in Birmingham is Hello Digital Media at which the infamous Zeroinfluencer aka David Bausola will be talking about Where Are The Joneses? the community comedy project that Imagination produced for Ford and that brought together comedy and social networks last summer.

Then of course there is the Webby Conference in the States which I know will be amazing but I am not sure I can manage to get out there. So I will have to console myself with TED instead.


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