anna’s phone

At last – it looks like Nokia might be back on their Nokiagame type form of yesteryear.

They appear to be launching a game/story event called Anna’s phone. I don’t know if you saw the advert last night, but there is already a whole load of attendant media around it. Go to and you can see the first ad.

Or check this one out below – one of the other characters, Jade, features in this one. Needless to say all characters have facebook pages and I am sure that more obscure sites will pop up around the place once the key phone (anna’s phone)  is “unlocked” in 6 days.

I certainly hope it is a game event and not simply a functionality campaign. It’s been developed by W+K so I imagine it will be professional and intriguing. It stands to reason that they bring back this kind of campaign now as convergence grows ever closer and all the tools that would have extended the Nokia Games naturally (ie social networking tools) are well embedded and well understood by the target market.

Right – am now off to the V&A for a client meeting. From the forefront of beautiful technology to the home of beautiful design. Appropriate.


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