XDRTB and findme

When I receive something from two totally different sources I start to take interest. I have now received information from two diametrically opposed sources about XDRTB (Extreme Drug Resistant TB) and so I think it’s worth posting about it. XDRTB is a strain of TB that as its name implies is resistant to the usually applied drugs. With the right care and management it can be overcome, but as usual it is the poorest countries which are largely the worst affected and the poorest in those countries who won’t get that care and management that will make the difference between living and dying.

My first information about it was from TED and Deep Church on the same day last week outlining the problem and the campaign with proposed actions, and then just today wherenext started to follow me on Twitter which led me here to What is the Question? clearly and awareness raising game about the disease. (It will be interesting to see who is behind it beyond TED and moblog, I have my own theories!)

Here’s the basics:-

“We invite you to come and explore with us. This game will take you on an adventure through London, on a hunt to find 43 objects that will give you the elements you will need to be able to ask the question.”

Each clue leads you to a map reference in the Square Mile. I’ve found the first one but to play you actually have to head on down there and find an object.

I am not sure how this links into XDRTB but I am sure we will find out.

Now I just have to fit this into my social schedule alongside annasphone etc….


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