Top 10 Top 10s

Ok I am going to cheat and include some 25s and some 5s but since everyone likes to sum up a year or a period of record sales or whatever the hell you care to mention by using top 10s I thought I would too. Only I would point away from myself to some interesting pieces and writing by others. Here goes:
10. Top 25 Auto brands discussed online – Does it equate to sales?

9.  Top 13 Science Stories of 2008 on Wired – including a couple of ETs

8.  Top 10 Strategic technologies for 2009 – including cloud computing of course and green computing

7.  Top 10 predictions for the mobile marketplace in 2009 – refreshing to see someone say that “Monile TV still won’t take off in 2009′ . Props for the most realistic prediction!

6. Top 6 predictions for digital advertising – my favourite being digital linking to the physical world. About time.

5. Top 42 marketing predictions from Junta – whether there is much value in having 42 predictions  I don’t know (let’s face it some of them have to come true). However, I like the exuberance of it in these crunchy times.

4. Top 10 games of 2008 from the Guardian – predictably including Tombraider Underworld, delightfully including Spore, pleasingly includng World of Warcraft and frustratingly including Fable II when I haven’t even played Fable yet.

3.  Top 10 most powerful blogs – Predictable but keep going to the top 50 for some more interesting options

2.  Top 10 most obvious news stories of 2008 – scroll past the “photos” of food (why?!) to get some corkers.

1. Top 30 failed technology predictions – always good to avoid hubris…


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