Do fakes bring value?

mulberryDid you hear yet about the mall opening in Nanjing? It only stocks fakes. China is the land of the fakes after all and they are quite unrepentant about it so it should be no surprise that a whole mall is being dedicated to them.

At the mall you wil be able to sample such delights as Bucksstar Coffee and Pizza Huh – I kid you not.

But although I understand the righteous anger of the people who design and market the real thing, a little part of my brain wonders if fakes add value to them. After all, there is a sense of shame or cheapness or non-achieving attached to buying fakes.  Or if you buy it not knowing it’s a fake then a sense of, well, foolishness that might accompany finding out it’s not the geniune article.

Either way I think fakes can add value to the brand.

Check out the full news article on the Mirror website no less….


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