Norton’s appalling customer strategy

This is going to be a rant.

I uninstalled Norton 360 from my pc a year ago, after I realised it was seriously clogging up my processing power and also was ineffective in finding and location a virus I had found through another piece of software. Why pay for something that doesn’t work?

You can only reach their customer service however through an online chat – presumably because their customers are frequently inclined to swear down the phone at the hapless operators in their frustration. You can also only do this via Internet Explorer. So i had to do this from work – and it took me about 1 hour!!!

I was not happy, but at least I wasn’t using Norton 360 any more and eventually got my money back. Oh yes, and it took me 2 hours to do that because I had to contact them twice – this is my own money and time I am spending here, which was of course not refunded to me.

Today, I tried to download an Epson printer driver. Bundled with it came a Norton installer, it was not clear that this was for Norton 360, I thought maybe they were there as a way of installing the printer driver. There was no clear messaging, nothing to ask you if you wanted to install the software,nothing to explain that you DIDN’T HAVE TO but I assumed that I did. Yes, that may be my own stupidity, but I would defy anyone who is not incredibly net savvy not to draw the same conclusion.

So eventually it transpired that not only had I in fact installed the same useless anti-virus I had before but also that I can’t turn it off unless I actually cancel my subscription and finally that I have been CHARGED AGAIN. Because they asked me at a certain point to register, and put in my own details – again it was not made clear when I put in my old details that I would be charged, I didn’t at any point get asked if I really wanted to be doing this.

So Norton has kept my details online and now charged my account and I am going to have to spend another hour online with them (but not now because I don’t have internet explorer on this computer only Opera) at their convenience, not mine, not remove a charge for a piece of software that was bundled, not explained and that I never even wanted.

Their customer service strategy sucks and I am so bewildered by why they think that this is an appropriate way to treat people that I wanted to post about so that at least some other people might know how little they actually care about how their product is perceived and what they are actally delivering to the public.

I would be interested to know of anyone else who has had a similar experience of Norton and their obfuscating, self-centred and deliberately difficult customer strategy and their frankly irresponsible method of selling their products.


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