What’s the first mass penetration mobile social network?

twitter_on_iphoneIf I asked you whether you were a member of a mobile social network the chances are high that you would say no.

But consider for a moment the key functionality that brings Twitter alive –

  • The moment you download a mobile app for Twitter

Because I would argue that Twitter is really not a 2nd screen social network any more, its a 3rd screen or mobile social network.

I was first invited to join Twitter in Jan 07 and frankly I couldn’t see the point. My friend @Tinley sent me an invite and at the time many of the posts people were making were around their personal lives. I enjoyed reading theirs, but really didn’t think anyone would be interested in mine.  Later after pestering from more friends  I thought I would join. But I didn’t really engage until I started to use my phone. After all, if you have a great idea in a pub you are hardly likely to rush home, log on and tweet at that moment.  And Twitter is all about the moment so you need a method of connecting with it that is with you moment by moment – your mobile.

For example without the mobile angle Twitter wouldn’t have been able to bring us the NY aircrash.

Mobile, not desktop  is fundamental to the success of Twitter. And yet we still think about it as a web social network with a mobile appendage attached. I’m just turning that round. It’s just a different way of looking at something familiar that could open up a whole world of ideas.

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