Good Brands – or Brands we think are good?

PSFK has released its Good Brands report for 2009.  Let’s be clear they do point out that the report covers those brands that PSFK write about a lot and then asks for a judgement call from the community, but I’m not sure that qualifies these as being Good Brands.

For instance, driving down publishing revenues to generate mass income over a vast list, thereby directly putting out of business small independent book shops, you know, the kind you love to shop in on Marylebone High Street but lament the loss of in Towcester – Direct result of the voracious business appetite that is Amazon. How Good is that?

Or Facebook, well it certainly does good business but actively Good? What about Dopplr? What about Or the BBC? They embody every one of the attributes identified and can be more objectively defined as “Good” with a capital G.

This is  semantics I suppose but I feel like this is a valuable report for us to be inspired by innovators at the top of their game, but I think its brands that PSFK think are good, not Good Brands.

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