Exploit the chaos

Did you know that Virgin, Disney and Apple were all founded in times of recession? You probably did actually since you are all intelligent and well-informed types. But it’s worth reminding yourself that this is so right now, since we are still in times of economic recession – whatever the newspapers say about the property market – and feeling the squeeze of marketing budgets bearing down on us from a great height.

So how to capitalise on this? Well, knowledge is power so in the interests of sharing a bit of knowledge check out this chapter of a book , called Exploiting Chaos, which is coming out in September. I suspect the rest of the book once published will be as highly US focused in its examples but the points (150 of them to be precise) are all good ones. Some of them are obvious, others are just the spur you need to get a new idea. It’s the kind of book you have on your desk for panic moments. My favourite one is “Accept that the world never returns to normal” which I would like to drop on an email and send over to Gordon Brown (maybe I will). Anyway, enough politics, here’s the url.


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