Herding Cats

I am finally at the Frankfurt Motorshow with 5 bloggers from across Europe that we have invited to attend, courtesy of Ford. And now the press conference is finally over so they can now blog about the product and launch stories – which they have all been itching to do since yesterday.

Trying to arrange the various interviews, flights, and even recruiting has been a bit like herding cats! Because of course, unlike mainstream press they all have day jobs and they all have their own lives to lead outside their blogs. Equally all have different approaches and different stories and it’s been interesting seeing how they approach the event .

You probably all know Scott Monty’s work in engaging Ford further in the social media space which has really made Ford stand out but I think this European blogging outreach also says a lot about how Ford approach social media. They think globally, they aren’t afraid to experiment and they understand how social media works.

Anyway – here are some of their posts – but you might have to use Google Translate  for a couple of them:-

http://www.ubergrun.de – Green lifestyle blogger from Germany who has focused (unsurprisingly) on the new Focus BEV and Tourneos.

http://www.havealovelytime.com/2009/09/frankfurt-motor-show-says-wikommen-to-wwwhavealovelytimecom.html – Who asked all the readers what questions they wanted answered by Ford


http://www.lucamascaro.info/blog/eventi/iaa-2009-diario-viaggio-international-motor-show-francoforte.html – A design and usability focus for the Italian market/reader.

I have managed to get some great video of the beginning of the press conference involving a flautist/beatboxers – I kid you not. You might have seen him at Glastonbury.

But first – coffee.


2 thoughts on “Herding Cats”

  1. Hello! Thank you for linking to our initial, introductory post about the motor show, really looking forward to seeing what all the bloggers think of it. It is very interesting for us to be invited along and to be coming at it from a parents’ as opposed to motorists’ point of view.

  2. hi! thanks for your link (and for the trip of course)! i just arrived at home and i am very tired now. during the next days i will look at all the pictures and all the stuff we got, and there will be some more posts.
    see you!

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