Evaluating blogging

BLoggers at the motorshowSo having returned from Frankfurt Motor Show I am now in the process of evaluating the activity of the bloggers over the 3 days that we were there.

They have all taken very different approaches to the show which is refreshing and makes for interesting reading. I particularly like Luca’s photos as well as his phillosophical and user experience focused stuff. There was a lot of interest in the Ford Focus BEV unsurprisingly and then for hte mommy bloggers it was all about the sliding doors and space in the C-Max Grande (oh yes and there is already a new facebook fan group for it!).

The question as always is which hard measures and which soft measures to look at.And in this case the soft measures are particularly important.

The number of bloggers wasn’t vast and therefore the potential for reach and the buzz generation is limited, though we can get a good idea of reach from their readers and Twitter updates etc. In many ways this is a pilot activity for Ford PR in Europe to answer questions like “how do we integrate bloggers from different European nations to deliver one experience?” “What will generate value for the online community?” “In what ways will the activity spill out into other areas?” “Where should we focus our attention in terms of demographics and markets?”.

Appropriately I am hosting a panel on Monday 21s September at Imagination about how you define and measure success. So I might get some further ideas from there!


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