How was it for you?

Well London Digital Week is drawing towards its fabulous close. I think it’s been a great week with lots of variety and a really great initiative for bringing agencies together and getting discussion about digital issues into new spaces.

howwasit1I  must say we were very disappointed about the cancellation of the Interagency Table Tennis Table Tournament. We had 2 crack teams ready to go! But such is life – maybe next year.

We were very happy with our event How Was It For You? There was a good debate and the speakers were really articulate.

In digital we are constantly being held to the measurement of television  – and failing.  BARB measures in the millions, extrapolated from 1000s. Digital technologies, because they can be more precise, and hence more accurate, often stand up poorly in comparison, offering only the 100s to 1000s. And hence disappointing the marketing execs who need to justify their spend to their finance divisions. It’s understandable that they are frustrated, their models are all wrong.

howwasit2But so are ours. It’s time to stop moaning about the measurement situation and find a solution that will just work for now. And that has enough flexibility in it to ebb and flow with our changing environment. The best proposed during the talk was a flexible one. Start with hard measures – page impressions, visits, time spent, number of sign ups. But encourage your clients to leave room for softer, more difficult or unexpected measures during the development of the project that can bring more value eg brand estimation.

And it’s also time to stand up collectively to our clients and tell them why the measures employed to assess success of television, print and linear advertising just don’t work for the digital environments. If we try to shoehorn ourselves into their needs we will end up achieving neither a sucess for them nor for us.

The best quote of the night though was this. “Sometimes it just feels right” and that’s how you define it before you start and that’s the basis on which a project proceed – adn surely this has birthed some of hte most innovative and interesting projects produced in digital spaces in the last 15 years?


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