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Rouge magazine logo
Rouge magazine logo

P&G continue their long tradition of creating content that speaks to their consumersand it’s great to see.  Content has always been a key element in their communications from product placement in As the World Turns to their new venture in China. And now they have launched some openly owned content online for women in America and Canada.  It’s not massively deep but of course  there are great contests and prizes to be won.  The main drive is possibly to the print magazine that you can subscribe to…

In addition they seem to have ignored the social media opportunities for this magazine – there is no way to post this to any network  on the pages and doesn’t appear to be anything on any other network.

Primarily it’s the principle I like – they appreciate that the channels are there for the taking, that their opportunity consists in delivering an experience of a high quality that is really wanted/desired as opposed to a message that can be screened out. In times of recession low cost – high quality experiences are always going to win out as people seek to entertainment to take themselves away from the low feeling “out there.” (That’s why games and cinema traditionally do well in times like these.)

If 80% of your custom comes from 20% of your customers then they only need to engage some of the people some of the time for this approach to bring dividends.


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