Good cheer for the New Year

The strange days after new year just before everything goes ballistic again are my favourite time to investigate storytelling stuff – all the things you feel like you shouldn’t play with when work is on a roll I seek out now and actively enjoy while I have the time. (Yeah Yeah, I should have the time to look at things like this this all the time but unfortunately life’s not like that.)

Anyway, here are my top 3 for the rest of the afternoon (before you have to leave work early to outrun the incoming snow):-

Echo Bazaar – This is a game linked into Twitter and based around a dystopia of London.  It brilliantly weaves storytelling and your existing Twitter network so that you can play with and against your network and other strange and suspcious characters of this fantastic environment. I’m not telling you any more. Go and creep yourselves out!

HBO Imagine – HBO do it again with this amazing way of storytelling. High production values, all the stories interconnected, but seperated in the interface so that you have to work hard to put the pieces together. It’s drawing me in and I’m loving it.

Seth’s Blog – “Doh!” I hear you exclaim, “this person calls themselves a planner and they are recommending this?! Don’t they know we already read Seth’s blog have since we were but children?! ” Yes indeed, but as some of the people who read this blog aren’t planners I thought they might like to enjoy some of Seth’s daily goodness. And besides which Idon’t get the chance to read it every day – which is the point of this time of New Year Good Cheer.  So, if you already know about it then pat yourself on the back and take an instant diversion via Adam Crowe. If not, enjoy.


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