Foursquare – what’s the point?

I have had two discussions about the point of Foursquare with two very different people,  but both are heavily involved in social media – Russ Goldsmith and Ciaran Norris. In both cases we kind of agreed that at the moment there seems to be little point and actually, do you need to have a point with a game?

And it is a game – even though there are some interesting examples of brands using it to promote their activities.

What I find interesting about it, however, is emerging methods of use. After all, Twitter really became the vibrant social space that it is when people started to connect beyond what they had for breakfast. When they began to connect for business and world real-time gossip.

I used Foursquare the other day to find a restaurant. Instead of going to Google which I also have on my phone I went to Foursquare because I was sure it would be tagged and more importantly would tell me how far away from it I was and give me the address without even having to type it in. Being a bit of a useless navigator this was incredibly useful.

The fascinating thing about social spaces is the way that the users make them their own and I believe that this is where the interest lies in networks like Foursquare. It’s not about what you are told they have to do by their creators – it’s about what you end up doing by accident that shapes their future.


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