SCAMP – She Says – Rocks

Yesterday I had the privellege of speaking at SCAMP, the first half day conference put on by She Says and brilliantly organised by Mel McVeigh. If you’re not familiar with She Says, it’s an organisation designed to encourage women into digital and increasingly into creative careers generally. The conference was 80/20 female to male speakers – completely putting to bed the idea that there are no inspiring or interesting women out there to speak at conferences, which, as you know, continues to be a bugbear of mine…

The idea of the day was to discuss work in progress  – which ran from how work/creativity develops right the way through to embargoed projects which are under development. That’s what I chose to talk about so there will be no irrelevant trumpet blowing from me in this post – because I can’t!

Instead, here are some choice highlights from yesterday’s sessions:-

Nicole Yershon, Director of Innovative Solutions, Ogilvy – She structures her learning on quite in depth topics around semesters of learning which loosely follow academic terms. She focuses down on one topic, meets loads of companies and attends lots of conferences. It sounds simple but it’s so great. Here I have been focusing our team on themes (eg BRIC at the moment) but without particular deadlines in mind. I like Nicole’s idea and I am going to shamelessly steal it!

Jenni Lloyd, Strategist , Nixon McInnes – Really interesting talk about how social media might provide a new way of looking at communities around television shows, real time water cooler moments if you will.

Katie Lindemann – Senior Strategist, Naked, but about to be game consultant for Mudlark – Talking about the closed beta of Chromaroma, a gaming approach to making commuting delightful! Which I am totally for, and would love to join their closed beta, but I hardly ever do the Tube any more and it uses Oyster.  That’ll larn me for walking and using the bus…

Gavin Brook, Tech Director, Albion – Some rather intriguing stuff about holograms in public space (namely the Tube!) , a technology I hadn’t really considered recently and certainly not outside a show environment

Tiffany St James – Talking about some of the great stuff that the Open Data project has delivered. Like This for instance and this which is a far more creative approach to opening up government than simply publishing every item of expenditure above £500  – money is important but data is so much more. Information is power.

Candace Kuss, Director of Planning and Interactive Strategy, Hill & Knowlton – Thoughts about the way that online creativity can be anti-brand and a look at some of the brilliant activity surrounding the BP crisis online. You’d have to be dead or have your head in the oil sands not to know about this Twitter account but there’s lots of other stuff. Agree with it or not, it’s incredibly creative and effective.

Georgina Voss, Researcher, Tinker – Georgina was talking about the home of the future, the smart home, and how it should be designed from the inside out, from and by the user. How we can easily embed technology into every day objects for joy. This is along similar lines to this article I just wrote with @ferrar. A networked world, a smarter environment. Interesting stuff.

The design was done by a female creative team who have just graduated and was I thought a lovely approach to expressing the conference identity.

And now for something a little different – I am off to Propoganda Factory this afternoon to talk about social media. Looking forward to it! And then to a nice relaxing weekend…


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