Propaganda can be fun

I was speaking at C21’s conference Propaganda Factory on Friday afternoon. It was a conference designed for tv types – production companies etc – to explore using digital to build entertainment brands.

A couple of highlights for me included listening to @toppage discuss the strategy for commissioning within new media at Channel 4. Go Jen! And the session of case studies on entertainment marketing projects including Who Killed Summer? from Big Balls Films for Vodafone;  the online PR side of the launch of Mflow the social music service that rewards you for doing what we all do anyway, recommending music to our mates and casual gaming for promotion purposes rather than as a money spinner in itself from Kempt.

I went in with a case study on the achievable and low cost end of social media marketing , correctly assuming that there would be a lot of people there who would be talking massive numbers and large budgets. There was a risk of course that I would be teaching people to suck eggs but I hope I avoided that!

It was nice to dip my toe back into the TV waters again.


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