when it freezes over

Ogilvy are “freezing” the Senate building tonight using projection art from Seeper the art collective. There will be 4 lasers that you can interact with and images of people skiing, climbing etc. down the building. The aim is to draw attention to the latest model S-Max, the people carrier for sporty, male types.


My questions are:-

How many of the target audience work around Senate House? Or is the aim to create an asset that goes on YouTube and can help win awards regardless of the audiencee?

How many of the Visteon pensions action group will be there? (Potentially quite a few when you look on the Facebook group of the 150 people who have said they will be attending)

Would the lasers enable me to hack the climbers/skiers off the tower thus allowing me to fulfill my James Bond villain ambitions?

Sorry if I sound jaded, but to create an event that has any meaning it has to be in the right place with the right message, not just generate some beautiful assets for YouTube that reflect the tv ad campaign. And I’m sure they will be beautiful and fun.

But relevant?


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