BIMA boast

Ok so I shouldn’t boast….oh go on then. Imagination won a couple of BIMAs at the awards two weeks ago but I have only just got round to writing about it.

I was involved in both projects but one more than the other, the Pearl Plant interactive for Shell. I am proud of this project because it takes a cutting edge technology and actually makes it accessible and useful. It was a bit of a battle for me to get the AR model manipulated by usable means, a rotating plinth, but it was a crucial insight about the audience for the interactive which was driving it. They were business men with little time, little understanding of new tech but desire to experience. Simply using a symbol that can be manipulated in front of a webcam works for “cool” campaigns that appeal to a young demographic but it would have been disastrous for this experience.

AR is a beautiful technology and I think it has many applications but you have to be careful not just to create a beautiful and inspiring experience, but one that really speaks to the audience. I think the combination of planning and beautiful creative we achieved in the Pearl AR is the reason it won.


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