Goovies are great!

Hoorrah! The Goovies are on again. These are Cadbury’s Creme Egg sponsored animations provided by my favourite of all web amusement sites

I think these are a good example of an agency teaming with creatives to deliver something that really enhances a campaign and is really effective in its own right. The Goovies are true to the cracking (geddit) amusement levels of weebl and bob and the brilliantly off-kiltre and slightly macabre Cadbury’s Creme Egg goo suicide campaign and they seem to have let the creators of weebl and bob just get on with doing what they do, making highly amusing animations – which is I assume, why they wanted to work with them in the first place. Too often agencies see the creative work of others and rip it off. This is an example of how the brand and the creatives have worked very well, over a few years.

Anyway, here’s the first one – Eggvatar.

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