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sand blasting can cause a slow and painful death

Imagination rolls on to new heights. We came first in the top 100 design agencies this year and there was special mention of our digital offer, so congrats to everyone and may I say I am proud – typically it happened while I have been on maternity leave… Boasting over.

I’ve been interested to follow the Labour behind the Label campaign running this week. It’s using a combination of guerilla marketing and social media to get the message out that sand blasting jeans causes fatal lung illness.

The week started predictably and appropriately with putting an image on facebook to drum up awareness of the issue and moved on to directly messaging big brands questions about sandblasting via Facebook. Yesterday the same tactic was employed on Twitter and today the action is to pop leaflets in the pockets of jeans in shops – brilliant. Crowd source your activists, motivate them and give them all the tools they need to be effective in their own social graph.

Charities are well placed to use social media as they can garner a “love marks” kind of support for their brand and an activist following by the very nature of their identity, but I think that this is a particularly good example of how a social media campaign for any brand or organisation should be run, where online feeds offline and vice versa.

And it’s already been sucessful. Diesel have committed to stopping the use of sand blasting for their products immediately – originally they were going to wait until 2012.

Go Labour Behind the Label!


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