Women Don’t Go After the Big Jobs with Gusto: True or False?

Harvard Business Review informs us that the idea that women don’t go after the big jobs with the same gusto as the boys is just not true. They do, and they do it just like the books tell them to. But the system that works for men – offering to do more, being proactive about stating their desires,. buddying up to the boss etc – doesn’t work for women.

Why doesn’t this surprise me?

I think that when women are proactive, particularly about taking on work etc it’s just viewed as what they should be doing, the efficient women doing their jobs. Bless.

But when men take on more work people understand that they are keen to get on. Possibly this is because, by and large, men aren’t the organisers in the domestic environment. I’d love for someone to correct me on that thought.

I sometimes think we should volunteer to do less.

Though there is a lesson here for women. Apparently what does work for women is bigging themselves up. Something we need to do more of.

Check out the article here – http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2011/10/women_dont_go_after_the_big_jo.html


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