Gamification of dieting? Points mean prizes, not.

The whole world seems to be obsessed with gamification these days. Is there nothing advertisers/marketing gurus can’t apply the principle to? Apparently not. I heard an ad on the radio yesterday on my way to work which informed me that the chirpy, happy lady on the Weight Watchers programme was now not joining Weight Watchers or “doing” Weight Watchers but are “playing” Weight Watchers”.

I get it. Let’s make this challenging and fun instead of challenging and difficult. Let’s use the ideas that already exist – points and treats – to create a game like feeling. But
I’ll be gobsmacked if this approach makes any difference to either numbers signing up or numbers succeeding in the programme. Why? Because it’s just a reskin so there is no new news to inspire joining, the play element is just a word change. There are no new apps, content and information.


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