Gamification of…everything?

It seems you can’t move without brands and experiences attempting to gamify themselves. I have already posted about Weight Watchers gamification of their Points plan. Now I turn my attention to WordPress – mainly because I can’t escape it! Every time I post it gives me a new “goal” or marks me for managing to make a certain number of posts.

What all this misses is that the motivation for writing a blog is not about competing with yourself for the number of posts you’ve made, but more likely because you want to share something interesting or you want to share something with a community or you want to drive traffic. The only one of these motivations that could be gamified is the final one, driving traffic. Perhaps if WordPress got together with Klout or Peerindex, or even if they used their own delivery of statistics or number of ‘likes’ they would have a game mechanic that would drive more engagement. But the activity of blogging is not primarily about activity levels.

Brands need to think more carefully about the motivation of their users when they are considering integrating game mechanics, otherwise they are likely to be ignored at best or to create irritation at worst.


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