Pinterest for words?

I have come across a new social tool called It works in a similar way to Pinterest, but really isn’t that social. If you find a quote or an article or words that you like you can clip them and save them to your findings library. You can then add notes. Other people can then see or search through your findings and you theirs and you can reclip them, thereby extending your library.

You can’t as yet classify your clippings by area like you can with pictures on Pinterest, I think part of the aim is to create a serendipity of association. That’s even more likely when you consider that the tool has the involvement of Steven Johnson who’s book, Where Good Ideas Come From, includes the power of serendipitous assocations as one of the key ways good ideas are born. It’s still being developed, but I can see so many possibilities already. On the one hand the thing that makes it most interesting and, in my view, likely to suceed is that it allows for clips from Kindle to be included in your library and that they are seriously considering importing data from Evernote. On the other, the social and community level of this is missing almost completely.

I think they’ve missed a trick by launching without it. As soon as I found it I wanted to use it in a community way for a project, but I can also see multiple opportunities for collaboration – as long as there are areas and clippings etc that can be made private. There is certainly a sense in which a tool like this will be used for the development and thrashing out of personal ideas, concepts, team and individual theories and sometimes these need a little private incubation.

But all in all, hooray! I just love the fact that online territories continue to expand and evolve and just when you think we can’t come up with anything new, a bright shiny new experience pops up round the corner. Have a look at Findings if you are wordy person (like me) and maybe you’ll find a couple of things I’ve posted.



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