The Great Social Media Festival

I spent a very informative and enjoyable afternoon at Shoreditch Studios on Thursday at the IAB Social Media Festival. What was most refreshing about the event was that we have at last moved beyond “social 101” into more strategic territory. A great example of this is that we are no longer simply showcasing good creative work that has no ROI attached. Instead the event started as it meant to go on with some really interesting strategic thinking to kick off the day from Mads Holmen of goviral, followed swiftly by (in no particular order) some hard data to backup campaign effectiveness from Russ Goldsmith at markettiers4dc and some useful approaches to getting ahead in the social space from Juls Duncan at Headstream.

The bits that struck me the most from the day?
Mads Holmen – Social is all about content and legacy even for Millenials. For inspiration look at what Red Bull do with their events, their magazine, their radio station etc etc

Juls Duncan – Don’t do 1 thing 100% better, do 100 things 1% better. Post updates at the weekends!

Nadya Powell, Dare – (More of a presentation tip this one!) Can’t get your chosen speaker to attend? Get them to do a video. Really valuable contribution on using humour and personality in community management from head of digital at B&Q was delivered by video during Nadia’s presentation. Great idea.

Paul Coffey, Google – Google+ is wide open and the territory is still there to create new phenomena. Question – how long will this window be open for?

Dave Coplin, Microsoft – Social content is just as much about delivering emotion as advertising is though we sometimes expect the audience to bring the emotion to the party or attempt to stimulate emotion through questions and community management are there more creative, storytelling ways to drive emotion and so engagement?

Just looking back over that summary and it strikes me the amount I’ve left out, but to really do the event justice you had to be there (that’s kind of the point of events) However, if your company is a member of the IAB then you can download some of the presentations from the site right now. And if not – get membership! Or you can always engage with the speakers on Twitter via the links above.

I came away with the feeling that social conversations are starting to mature, to be more than “I need a Twitter” but crucially they are also more than “I want 1 million hits for my video on tying my shoe laces, make it so”. Agencies and clients are moving towards a clearer understanding of the value that social can bring to the overall marketing strategy of a brand and hopefully therefore towards bringing more value, content, enjoyment and service to the social media community. Watch this space.


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