Some mind candy for the New Year

Here are some fun and interesting things I noted recently that I thought you might enjoy:-

DigiPills app displayed on an iPad miniDigipills download an app with a hypnotherapy basis to help you deal with what ails you. No I haven’t tried any yet but based on how my first week of 2013 is shaping up…



Ingress – A new game from Google in Beta at the moment requires you to choose to either fight or embrace a mysterious, intelligent data that seems to have the power to control human thought. Use your phone to reveal the portals where this stuff leaks into our world and group together to solve the game. I have just started playing and I’m off on a “training mission” at lunch time to find my first portal. Brilliant, nothing’s better than a game and one that uses social and mobile is the bestest.

Social gaming does not pass Go – Ok so that’s an exaggeration but in the spirit of The Sun I thought it might get your attention. Zynga the social gaming giant has closed 11 games including Petville and Fishville – yes Zynga are the evil geniuses behind Farmville. They still have 30 games left so it’s not the end of the world for them, but it is for the gamers who have pumped their money, time and emotion into these games.


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