Twitter and Vine

So, as we all know, twitter has purchased Vine, the 7 second film creation app. Cue a slew of brand discussions about “how we can use Vine” . Not surprising. And not surprising either that twitter bought Vine in the first place. After all, twitter is the home of short form content, so short form visual content just makes sense.

It also makes sense when you consider that tweets with content associated are retweeted more than tweets that are not while tweets with infographics (the ultimate short form!) receive 832% more retweets than normal articles and images. (Well, the ones on Bitrebels do anyway).

It’s also good to see twitter doing something to take them to a new level. Weibo, the Chinese equivalent(copy/clone), of twitter has evolved way past its 140 character origins to include all sorts of longer form content and as a result it’s incredibly engaging, dynamic and popular. In fact, having played about with Weibo a bit (via a Chinese friend – I’m good but I’m not that good!) I think Weibo is more engaging than twitter.  If Weibo follows the lead of Tencent which is pursuing an aggressive overseas expansion policy via its free chat app, WeChat , the twitter will have to look to its guns. But with properties like Vine under its belt it seems to be moving towards a more content reach space. And that can only make it a more social and entertaining space for the likes of us.

For some great examples of Vine in use check out the following:-

vine 1


Calvin Klein had actually prepared a whole evening of Vine entertainment with model Matthew Terry
However, when the lights went out they tweeted this image of him doing sit ups. Great use of the moment.

285 Retweets and 121 favourites
Average of 30 retweets and 13 favourites for the other films they loaded up

vine 2
 Mr Porter shows a clip of their show, but rather than it just being about models, it demonstrates some technology they were using at the show too. Which is very nice experiential technology based on the insight that actually you would rather the models walk more slowly to let you actually see what they are wearing!
And for some non-twitter related Vine fun check out




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