Irrelevant bandwagoning on the royal birth

Here are my favourite unrelated or inappropriate brand responses to the new royal baby:-

“It’s a Prince! Celebrate with our 24hr half price sale!” – Truprint

“Congratulations Kate & Wills! Boots Parenting Club is perfect for the little prince, with 10 points for every £1 so you can get everything he needs!” – Boots Facebook update (really? Not even a bit tongue in cheek.)

Hilariously inappropriate. Does anyone have any better ones?


4 thoughts on “Irrelevant bandwagoning on the royal birth”

  1. Technically it’s irrelevant bandwagoning (or maybe not as the voice of populist Britain), but I did like ‘The Son’ changing their masthead. Also The Guardian’s ‘Republican’ button on their website that hid all Royal Baby related content.

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