More on irrelevant band-wagoning

So my post of a couple of days ago did get some quite funny and clever reactions and I have seen a couple more great examples of band-wagoning on the royal baby since then, but there was a bit more to my post than just complete disbelief in the crassness of people.

My real point was to point out brand activity that was simply inappropriate. Content and advertising messages should ideally be appropriate to their whole context – person, place and product. Office supplies discount emails and royal births don’t naturally go together. Trying to make them do that is cynical and is hardly likely to increase brand favorability even if it does result in a slight upswing in sales.

There were plenty of brands who offered their congratulations on the royal birth through regular marketing channels without attaching a brand message. That’s just about acceptable, but again – it feels like jumping on a bandwagon in order to ride a wave of chatter.

All this does is contribute to cynical assessments of marketing as so much noise.

Messages should be tailored and relevant to the audience. And these messages really weren’t.

But they unwittingly provided me with some of the best wry smiles I’ve had in ages.


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