Bobbi Brown gets millenials

Slowly, slowly brands are coming round to the idea that sharing their social media channel with other brands, providing free information and allowing for self-discovery is the way to an engaged, interested and loyal audience in social. And this is particularly true of millennials.

Here’s a great example – Bobbi Brown has launched (on Sep 9th) a new channel on YouTube that combines all these factors, and adding editorial voice from well-known beauty bloggers.

There is so much great video content on YouTube around creating looks, basic beauty etc from interesting voices like Lauren Luke and it’s all part of a trend towards a more experience based conversation between brands and individuals. I’ve been reading Joseph Pine’s book  The Experience Economy  which makes exactly this point. Consider the change in McDonalds from Commodity (cheap street burger) to Service (best burger fast) to Experience (burger + green coffee-style, linger-longer environment). Take a look at their latest ad. It focuses not on the product but on the allegedly lovely unifying community experience that eating a McDonalds brings to the world (ok you can sense my cynicism here…)

And now for those of you who clicked to get real Bobbi Brown inside info, here’s her key tutorial on creating the perfect face…




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