internet of (beautiful) things

When we talk about the internet of things it’s easy to get sucked into the usefulness or competitiveness of the idea. After all, monitoring your heart rate on a run or checking energy use from outside the home seem like attractively businesslike ideas. And everyone who wants investment wants to prove their business credentials.

But this project is both businesslike and beautiful. It is beautiful in its simplicity and in the way it combines IoT with elegant design. It’s a spirit library from Pernod-Ricard which combines: mixology tutorials online, beautifully crafted, delivered boxes containing different spirits that put together make a delightful post-modern library; and classic volume measurement and re-order mechanisms.

Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. What’s not to like? (unless you are alcoholic, but that’s a whole different blog post)

Pernod Ricard's new project


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