Women in management

Here is something I found and have lifted directly from a report by Odgers Berndtson. They are executive recruitment consultants, so you’d think they might have a point.

“Enabling women to work on the same terms as men is not just about fairness: There is a robust business case for promoting women to senior management. There is evidence that female influence at the top brings important benefits, including:

∎ Higher profits, more risk awareness, less hyper competition and a greater ability to survive financial downturns.
∎ Policies that contribute to individual and societal health – education, families, entrepreneurship.
∎ A stronger integration of work and family leading to higher productivity and quality of life.
∎ Increased commitment to both personal and corporate responsibility and broader and more long-term planning.
∎ Management that reflects 21st century teamwork and participative decision making.

Tarr-Whelan, 2009″

Just saying…


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