Notes from austin

On the third day at SXSW I thought I might note a few things that I have observed in the talks and the environments at the conference.


Makey-makey spaces
There are makers here and there are makey-style spaces. Brands are using natural textures and combining them with classic digital materials to create lounges or stands that will appeal to Millennials

Coffee at the 3M Lounge
Coffee making at the 3M lounge
Cardboard trees at PBS
Cardboard trees at PBS









Human and Machine
There’s a lot about interfaces – not surprising.  A lot about coming together, again not surprising, particularly with Obama’s visit yesterday. There’s a feeling of questioning and trying to understand what the interface means and unsurprisingly there’s lots of stuff on VR. It comes up quite a bit in questions as well as in the sponsored spaces. Unsurprisingly, with the launch of Gear and the latest Samsung which connects with it,  Samsung have a lounge which puts a moving VR pod at its heart.

Digital identity and personal identity is coming through strongly with a least 2 talks about how you exist on the dark net and two unrelated talks on the way identity plays out with Gen Z  – fluidly, without prejudice.

Dove's twitter campaign on beautyDove have a launch of a new campaign #SpeakBeautiful which looks at how women talk about beauty on twitter.





Experience design beyond the practicalities
Many people here are talking about the human side of experiences ie the UX around emotions, scents and sights rather than how to build a good one or ‘what I did for Brand X’. There was a fascinating talk about building experiences for online retail properties – most of which revolve around creating offline communities and providing physical moments eg Kit and Ace  hosting supper clubs without a sales end in view, or Disney designing spaces around safety and happiness.

More information as more themes and ideas emerge.



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