Non-planning books for planners 4 – Invisible Romans

19241863Another in the series of books I think are useful for planners to read that appear to have nothing to do with planning/strategy. This book is, as the title suggests, about the Romans who never appear in the works of the great writers – prostitutes, slaves, merchants, people like you and me.

Culture is consumed by the average person but we get fixated on the super stars, the rich, the famous, the extraordinary. This is particularly true when we think about history. It’s not surprising and may not even be wrong, but it’s not helpful if you are trying to create interesting experiences today. To do that you need to focus on the average Jo because they are the ones who are likely to engage with and be influenced by what you’ve created.

So don’t go looking for the extreme, look for the common, shared experience of the nobodys and you will find that you create communications that actually mean something.

This book is also a great reality check on local states of privilege in history as compared with our own state of privilege. Are we the senatorial class of the modern Roman empire? That’s a different blog post.


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