AI and Brand Comms

We’ve been using AI for measurement for the last year at Imagination and got some extremely useful insights into behavior at our experiences. And it’s comforting to think of AI as a rationale tool for delivering facts you can’t argue with that back up our subjective opinions.

But there is another side to AI that creative agencies should be interested in: the potential for AI to massively disrupt the creative and strategic outputs that we work on every day. 

It’s attractive to tell ourselves that AI isn’t going to replace the creative process, that there is some secret sauce only humans can bring to an artistic output which can’t be replicated by machines. And my hunch is that eventually this will be the case – the imperfections and flaws in our output and the cognitive leaps we make will ensure that human outputs continue to be valued, will actually become a luxury. But the very thing that will make human designed and built objects luxurious is that they will be rare. In other words, the majority of the creative output we consume will be generated by AIs.

Bleak? Maybe, but we aren’t there yet. 

Read my paper to find out more about how we can use AI positively in brand communications and experiences today, and why we need to prepare for AI’s growing impact on our tomorrow. 

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